Psychodynamic psychotherapy provides an opportunity to explore our life within the context of a two person relationship. Over time the relationship between you and the therapist provides a space where damaging and repeating unhelpful patterns to come to light. Difficulties addressed in therapy can include anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, loneliness, stress, relational breakdowns or suicidal feelings. Together we explore the origins of negative patterns and the attending fears, anxieties, doubts. They can then be thought about and worked through together. Therapy may be challenging at times but often we get to a point where staying stuck hurts more than risking growth. It takes time and effort to get to the roots of our difficulties but deep and lasting change is possible.

I trained for over five years and have had many years experience working on a one-to-one basis offering emotional, pastoral and psychological support. In addition I have worked as a bereavement counsellor with CRUSE Bereavement Services and in hospital chaplaincy. I have also been a Support Worker in the charity sector, as well as providing training for Learning and Development in the voluntary sector. Continuing professional development is a requirement of my member organisation and I attend regular workshops, conferences and events to keep my practice up-to-date.